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Chemical Name: 3,6-bis(2-chlorophenyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine

Formula: C14H8Cl2N4

Molecular Weight: 303.15

CAS No.: 74115-24-5


Appearance: white crystalline or magenta colored powder.
Melting Point: 182-186°C.
Vapour Pressure: 0.13 mPa at 25°C.
Stability: In water 0.001 mg/L. It is easily soluble in organic solvents.
Toxicity: Tech (Rat): Oral LD50 >5200 mg/kg. Dermal >2100 mg/kg.

Specification: 98%TC, 20%SC, 20%WP, 80%WDG.

Uses: Acaricide for eggs of Panonychus ulmi (including winter eggs) and Tetranychusspp. on top fruit, nuts, and ornamentals. Apply early season for extended residual control.
Selective to beneficial insects, predatory mites. Apollo* for mites in almonds, apples, pears, stone fruits (except plums, prunes), walnuts, and ornamentals.


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