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Chemical Name: Tricyclohexyltin Hydroxide

Formula: C18H34OSn

Molecular Weight: 385.16

CAS No.: 13121-70-5


Appearance: Colorless and powder crystal.
Melting Point: 195-198°C.
Vapour Pressure:< 0.01 mPa at 25°C.
Stability: (25°C) in water <1mg/L, in acetone 1.3g/L, in dimethyl benzene 3.6g/L, in carbon terachoride 28g/L. in dichloro-methane 34g/L. Water suspensiod from weak acid(ph=6) to alkali stable. No erosive and resolve in the ultraviolet light.
Toxicity: Oral LD50 (Rat)>5,400 mg/kg. Dermal LD50 (Rabbit) >2,000 mg/kg. It is no harmful to most of insect. Have irritation to skin and eyes.

Specification: 95%TC, 25%WP,550SC,600SC.

Uses: A broad-spectrum mite killer with rather strong contact killing action. It can kill baby mites, younger mites, adult mites, summer eggs and is especially effective against mites that have adapted themselves to the organic phosphorus and organic chlorine pesticides.


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