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Chemical Name: tri(N-dimethylaminodithiocarboxylic)arsenium

Formula: C9H18N3S6As

Molecular Weight: 435.5

CAS No.: 137-30-4



Appearance: TC is a yellow-green prism-shaped crystal.

Melting Point: 224-226°C.

Stability: insoluble in water, slight soluble in acetone and methanol, easy soluble in boiling benzene. Stable in the air, decompose in concentrated acid and hot acid medium.

Specification: 99%TC

Uses: Used to control powdery mildew in melon and cucumber. Asomate is a arsine containing, long residual period farm insecticide against plant diseases with the function of both protection and cure. It has a special effect to apple rot, and does good to Powdery Mildew, and anthracnose of apple, pear scab, rice blast, Corn northern leaf blight, gray speck of soybean as well. In addition, it is still effective for preventing sheath and culm blight of rice, and has some extent of action to red spides on hawkthorn.


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