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Chemical Name: methyl (R)-2-{[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)methoxyacetyl]amino}propionate

Formula: C15H21NO4

Molecular Weight: 279.3

CAS No.: 70630-17-0



Appearance: Pale yellow to light brown, viscous liquid.

Melting Point: -38.7°C.

Vapour Pressure: 3.3mPa(25°C).

Solubility: In water 26 g/l (25°C). In n-hexane 59 g/l; miscible with acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol, dichloromethane, toluene, n-octanol.

Stability: Hydrolytically stable under acidic and neutral conditions (DT50 >200 d). Under alkaline conditions, DT50 116 d (pH 9, 25°C).

Specification: 90%TC, 25%WP, 350FS

Uses: To control diseases caused by air- and soil-borne Peronosporales on a wide range of temperate, subtropical and tropical crops. Foliar sprays with mixtures of metalaxyl-M and protectant fungicides are recommended to control air-borne diseases caused by Pseudoperonospora humuli on hops, Phytophthora infestans on potatoes and tomatoes, Peronospora tabacina on tobacco, Plasmopara viticola on vines, downy mildews of vegetables, and Bremia lactucae on lettuce, at 100-140 g metalaxyl-M/ha. Soil applications of metalaxyl-M alone are used to control soil-borne pathogens causing root and lower stem rots on avocado and citrus, Phytophthora nicotianae on tobacco, Phytophthora spp. on peppers, and Pythium spp. on many different crops, including ornamentals, at 250-1000 g/ha. Seed treatments control systemic Peronosporaceae on maize, peas, sorghum and sunflowers, at 35-300 g/100 kg seed, as well as damping-off (Pythium spp.) of various crops,at 8.25-17.5 g/100 kg seed.


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