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Chemical Name: [[2-[(dithiocarboxy)amino]-1-methylethyl]carbamodithioato(2-)-κS,κS']zinc

Formula: (C5H8N2S4Zn)x

Molecular Weight: 289.8(theoretical monomer)

CAS No.: 12071-83-9



Appearance: Properties Technical is off-white powder.

Melting Point: Decomposing above 160°C.

Vapour Pressure: <1 mPa(20°C).

Solubility: In water 0.01g/l at 20° C; In toluene, hexane, dichloromethane <0.1g/l.

Stability: Unstable in strongly alkaline and strongly acid, high temperature conditions, stable when dry, decomposed by moisture.

Specification: 85%TC, 90%TC, 70%WP, 80%WP, 57%WDG, 70%WDG

Uses: Propineb is a broad spectrum fungicide; It is especially used as a protective treatment to control the numerous fungal disease pathogens, such as Oomyoetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes. It is also used to protect many fruit, vegetable, and field crops, including potato early and late blight, leaf spot, downy mildew, scab of apple and so on.


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