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Chemical Name: methyl (αE)-α-(methoxyimino)-2-[[[[(1E)-1-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]ethylidene]amino]oxy]methyl]benzeneacetate

Formula: C20H19F3N2O4

Molecular Weight: 408.37

CAS No.: 141517-21-7



Appearance: Grey to beige solid with weak odour.

Melting Point: 70.9-72.9°C.

Density: 1.36 g/cm3

Vapour Pressure: 3.4 x 10-6 Pa(25°C).

Stability: Soluble in water 610ug/L at 25°C (not effected by pH 4-10), soluble in Acetone >500 g/L, Dichloromethane >500 g/L, Ethyl acetate >500 g/L, Hexane 11 g/L, Methanol 76 g/L, Octanol 18 g/L, Toluene 500 g/L.

Specification: 95%TC, 50%WP, 80%WP, 90%WP

Uses: Trifloxystrobin is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide that had high levels of activity against many fungal pathogens within the ascomcete, deuteromycete,and basidiomycete.


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