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2,4-D Butyl Ester

Chemical Name: (2,4-Dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid, butyl ester.

Formula: C12H14Cl2O3

Molecular Weight: 277.14

CAS No.: 94-80-4



Appearance: pure is colorless oil liquid.

Density: 1.2428 g/cm3

Freeaing Point: 9°C.

Boiling Point: 146-147 °C.(133Pa)

Flash Point: 48°C.

Vapour Pressure: mPa(20°C).

Stability: Difficult to dissolve in water, easy soluble in most organic solvents.

Specification: 96%TC, 72%EC

Uses: 2,4-D Butyl Ester is an excellent hormone-type herbicides with long-term effection, which is better than 2,4-D, low toxic to human and animal. It is systemic herbicides, mainly used to control Dicots weeds in rice fields and wheat fields.


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