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Chemical Name: ethyl 4-chloro-2-oxo-3(2H)-benzothiazoleacetate

Formula: C11H10ClNO3S

Molecular Weight: 271.72

CAS No.: 25059-80-7



Appearance: Colourless crystalline solid

Melting Point: 79-80°C.

Vapour Pressure: 0.37mPa(25°C).

Density: 1.45(20°C)

Solubility(20°C): in water 47mg/L, acetone 229g/L, toluene 603g/L, ethyl acetone 148g/L, methanol 28.5g/L, dichloromethane 198g/L.

Stability: Stable in acid or neutral solvents, stable under 300°C.


Content: 95%min

Loss on Drying: ≤1.0 %

PH Value: 6.0-8.0

Formulation: 95%TC, 30%SC, 50%SC, 15%EC

Uses: Selective, systemic, growth-regulator herbicide absorbed by leaves and translocated readily throughout the plant in the phloem. Post-emergence control of many annual broad-leaved weeds, particularly black bindweed, common chickweed, cleavers and charlock in oilseed rape. In combination with other herbicides, used for control of a wider range of broad-leaved weeds in oilseed rape, cereals, grassland, clover, alfalfa and flax.


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