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Chemical Name: (±-(EZ)-2-(1-ethoxyiminobutyl)-5-[2-(ethylthio)propyl]-3-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone

Formula: C17H29NO3S

Molecular weight: 327.5

CAS No.: 74051-80-2



Appearance: odourless liquid.

Melting Point: >90°C.

Vapour Pressure: <0.013mPa.

Stability: Solubility In water 25(Ph4),4700(Ph7)(both in mg/l,20°C), Soluble in most common organic solvents e.g.acetone, benzene, thyl acetate, hexane,methanol all>1kg/kg(25°C).Stability The commercial product is stable for at least 2 y under normal storage conditions.At 10mg/l,12h/d illumination with xenon lamp.DT50 IS 5.5d(Ph 8.7,25°C).

Specification: 85%TC, 90%TC, 12.5%EC.

Uses: Control of annual(at 0.20-0.25kg a.i/ha)and perennial(0.2-0.5kg/ha)grasses (except Poa spp.) in broad-leaved crops,including cotton, oilseed rape, soya beans,sugar beet,fodder beet, sunflowers, spinach, potatoes, tobacco, peanuts. strawberries. alfalfa, flax, and vegetables.


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