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Chemical Name: Methyl 2-[[[[N-(4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl) methylamino] carbonyl]amino] carbonyl]amino]sulfonyl] benzoate

Formula: C15H17N5O6S

Molecular weight: 241.36

CAS No.: 101200-48-0



Appearance: white to brown powder.

Melting Point: 141°C.

Vapour Pressure: 0.05mpa at 20°C.

Stability: Solubility in water 280mg/L at 20°C, Solubility low in organic solvents.

Toxicity: Oral LD50(rat) 5000 mg/kg, dermal LD50 ( rat) is greater than 2000 mg/kg.

Specification: 95%TC, 75%WDG.

Uses: It is a kind of selective, systemic and transferring post-emergence herbicide. It can be absorbed and transferred by the stems and leaves of weeds to prevent from the division of cell and make the weeds die. It can be stable in soil for 30-45days and has no harm to the succeeding crops.


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