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Chemical Name:  cyano(4-fluoro-3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate

Formula:   C22H18Cl2FNO3

Molecular Weight:  434.29


CAS No.: 68359-37-5

          Structural formula of beta-cyfluthrin
Appearance: Colorless and smell-less cycstal
Melting Point: antimeró˛:81°C  antimer ó˘: 106 °C.
Vapour Pressure: antimeró˛: 1×10-5 mPa(20°C), antimer ó˘:0.9×10-2mPa(20°C).
Stability:  soluble in water at 20°C is 0.002mg/L, antimeró˛ soluble in hexane is 2-5g/l, antimer ó˘ is 1-2g/l, in methylene dichloride >200g/l.
Specification:  95%TC, 2.5%EC
Uses:  It is a non-systemic insecticide with broad spectrum. It is used to control pets with chewing mouthparts , coleoptera and sucking mouth parts, such as Lepidopterous larvae and pearpsylla.


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