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Chemical Name: dymethyl dichloroviny phosphate


M. W. : 220.99

CAS NO.: 62-73-7

DESCRIPTION: Colorless to Amber Liquid
Melting Point:-60°C
Vapour Pressure:0.04mPa
Stability: Stable in neutral, weakly acidic and weakly alkaline media, rapidly hydrolysed to the hydroxy-derivate in strong acids and alkalis, Soil DT50 is 100 days.
Content:                             95.0% MIN(w/w).
Moisture :              0.05%MAX.
Acidity:                         0.2%
Formulation: 95%TC,98%TC,50%EC, 1000EC
USES: DDVP is a kind of medium toxic pesticide, it has the actions of fumigaton and cntact poisoning, it exhibits good dffects in controlling chewing and sucding pests. DDVP's vapour pressure is higher, resulting in a mighty smashing force on pests. It is liable to decompose after being applied, and its residual poisonous duration is shorter. This product is suitable for controlling varieties of pests on cotton, fruit tress, economic forest, vegetables, xugar cane, tobacco, tea plant and timber forest; it also exhibits a good effect in controlling mosquitoes, flies, warehouse pests, rice weevils, octomatids, etc.


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