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Chemical Name: O,O-dimethyl-S-(N-methyl carbamoyl methyl)phosphorodithioate
M. W. : 229.28                                                                                         
CAS NO.: 60-51-5   

GRADE: TECH                                                                           
DESCRIPTION: White crystals
Melting Point:51-52°C
Density:1.281 g/cm3
CONTENT (Dimethoate):                                                     98.0% MIN.
Acidity:                                                                                                 0.7%MAX.
Moisture:                                                                                              0.2%MAX.
Formulation: 98%TC,40%EC.
Uses: Dimethoate is contact and systemic organophosphorus insecticide and acarecide with a broad range. It can control homopteras(such as aphides), dipters(such as agromuzidaex), coleopteras(such as snout beetles) and mites(such as red spiders mites and two spotted spider mites) in ornamentals, vegetable cotton, fruits and cereal crops, also controls norther cattle grubs.
Toxicity: Tech for rats:acute oral LD50(pure compound) 500-600mg/kg. Rats:acute oral LD50(technical product)320-380mg/kg. 40%EC oral LD50 590mg/kg.
1) Generally with 7-days withholding period between the last day of application of the spray and he harvesting of the produces such as vegetables and fruits.
2) It is harmful to human and animals and keeps away from foods. Must wash contact skin with soapy water and change one's cloths immediately after spraying.
3) It is slightly toxic to bees, don't apply in flowering crops.
4) It is organophosphorus compound that inhibits cholinesterase. If swallowed by accident, take antidotes Atropine or Pralidoxime(PAM) under the instruction of physician immediately, or urgently take a gastric lavage in hospital.


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