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Emamectin Benzote

Chemical Name:  (4″R)-4″-deoxy-4″-(methylamino)avermectin B1 benzoate (1:1)

Formula:   C56H81NO15 (emamectin B1a benzoate) + C55H79NO15 (emamectin B1b benzoate)

Molecular Weight:  B1a: 1007    B1b: 993

CAS No.: 155569-91-8, formerly 137512-74-4 and 179607-18-2

          Structural formula of emamectin benzoate
Appearance: White or light yellow crystal powder.
Melting Point: 141-146 °C.
Vapour Pressure: Negligible.
Stability:  Soluble in methanol, acetone and the like, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in hexane.
Specification:  70%TC, 5%EC, 1.9%EC, 2.15%EC,5%WDG,2%EW,3%EW,3%ME
Emamectin Bezoate is an highly efficient insecticide against many larvae of Lepidoptera and other insects, not ovicidal, and can penetrate into plant cuticula; effective even at very low dosage and is not disruptive to beneficial arthropods in integrated pest management programs
Emamectin Bezoate is good for controlling Lepidoptera such as cabbage worms, soybean worms, cotton bollworms, tobacco worms, cabbage armyworms, armywormss, tobacco cutworms and apple leaf rollers. It is especially effective against beet armyworms and diamondback moths on vegetables, tea, tobacco, fruit trees, cotton etc.


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