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Chemical Name:  2-N,N-dimethylanino-1-sodium-thiosulphate-3-thiosulphate propane

Formula:   C5H14NNaO7S4

Molecular Weight:  351.4

CAS No.: 52207-48-4

Appearance :  white needle crystal(tech.,shapeless granular of solid or white to yellowish powder)
Melting Point: 142-143 °C.
a)Easily soluble in water,the solubility in water is 1.335g/mL at 20°C; easily soluble in technical alcohol and hot waterless ethanol.
b)Slightly soluble in methanol,dimethylformamide,dimethyl sulfoxide
c)Insoluble in acetone,ether,chloroform,ethyl acetate,benzene and other organic solvents.
Stability: stable at normal temperatures and at pH 5-9,easily absorbs moisture, degraded by iron,easily decomposed in strong acids or strong alkalis.
Technical Specification: 95%TC
1)Appearance: slightly yellow crystal
2)Monomehypo: >=95%
4)Na2S2O3 :<=1.0%
5)Loss on drying: <1.0%
6)pH value: 4.0-5.5.
Specification:  90%,95%,98%TC, 50%,80%,90%SP, 5%GR
1)Action: broad-spectrum insecticide with strong stomach,contact and systemic action as well as fumigant and ovicidal activity.
2)Uses: control of various Lepidopterous insects, rice borer, Asiatic rice borer, paddy borer, rice leaf roller, rice plant skipper, thrips, leafhoppers, plant hoppers, armyworm, beetles, whitefly, cabbage worm, cabbage webworm, striped cabbage AEA beetle, three-spotted plusia, and plant bugs in rice, maize, vegetables, fruit trees, tea,soybeans, sugar cane, and other crops.
1)Oral:acute oral LD50for male rats 451, male mice 89.9, female mice 90.2mg/kg
2)Skin and eyes: not irritating to skin and eyes(rabbits)
3)Other:not mutagenic, not teratogenic, not carcinogenic
4)Fish:TLM(48h)for carp 9.2mg/L
5)Worms: toxic to silkworms


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