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Chemical Name: O,O-dimethyls-methyl-Carbamoylmethyl phosphoro-thioate.

Formula: C5H12NO4PS.

Molecular weight: 213.2.

CAS No. : 1113-02-6

Appearance : colourless or yellow transparent oily liquid.
Boiling   Point: 135°C.
Vapour Pressure: .310-3 Pa at 25°C.
Stability : Easily dissolves in water, acetone, ethyl alcohol and many halogenated hydrocarbon. Slightly dissolves in ether, and almost undissolves in petroleum ether.
Specification :75%TC, 40%EC.
Uses: Omethoate is a broad-spectrum systemic in secticide and acaricide effective against aphids, woolly aphids, trips, sacle insects, caterpillars and beetles, especially on hops, and against wheat bulb fly. It also can be used on cotton, rice,fruit-trees, tobacco and other crops.the recommend at ory rate of it's applcation is in table followed.


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