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Chemical Name:
S-methyl N¢,N¢-dimethyl-N-(methylcarbamoyloxy)-1-thio-oxamimidate(IUPAC) .

Formula: C7H13N3O3S.

Molecular weight: 219.3.

CAS No. : 23135-22-0.


Appearance : White, crystalline solid.
Melting Point: 100-102°C.
Vapour Pressure: 3.059 x 10-5 kPa (2.3 x 10-4 mmHg) at 25°C.

Stability : oxamyl is very stable, in neutral or acid solutions it is    quite stable; in alkaline solution, natural waterbodies and soil    oxamyl decomposes readily to carbon dioxide and organosoluble    degradation products. In soil, the decomposition rate is inversely     proportional to the organic content of the soil.  When in solution,

aeration, sunlight and heat hasten the degradation process.
Specification : 95%TC,24%SL,30%SL..
Uses: For certain insects, mites, and/or nematodes on field crops, vegetables and fruits.


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